How to survive Mother’s Day without hugging your mom – who is in heaven

For an entire decade, my Mother’s Day gift to my mom was the same.

I’d work a 12-hour day with her at a makeshift greenhouse held together by plastic, nails and two-by-fours. The greenhouse, owned by my stepfather, went up every spring in the parking lot of a bowling alley on Oberlin Avenue in Lorain, Ohio.

The greenhouse was a money maker mainly because of my mom. She treated every customer like family whether they were buying a single tomato plant or a truckload of ferns.

She stood at that greenhouse in the rain, snow and sun, 60 hours or more a week, three straight months with no off days. My people skills were nothing compared to hers. She could charm anyone while I would quickly get irritated.

“Is Sharon here?” asked a wobbly old woman while I was in the midst of organizing endless plastic trays of annuals that were cutting my hands. “Yes, she’s with a customer over there. Can I help you? I’m her daughter.”

“No, I’ll wait for Sharon,” – that was everyone’s response. My mom cared, more than I did, and it was obvious.

Every day, a little old Italian man named John rode his 10-speed bike to the greenhouse to bring my mom a warm orange soda. She didn’t like warm orange soda, but she never told him that. She simply stashed it with the other orange sodas he had given her and thanked him. He was confusing to listen to because he spoke with a broken accent, but somehow my mom understood him.

He’d ride off on his bike and wave, and I’d wonder how the man managed to never get hit by a car. He may have been homeless, I don’t know? In my mom’s eyes, he was a gift she treasured.

Years later in retirement, when my mom became legally blind from macular degeneration, she still found creative ways to spread joy even if it was putting a bouquet of flowers in the mailbox for the mail lady, who came to my mom’s funeral.

Think of all the ways your mom has touched your heart and the hearts of those around you. What are her greatest qualities? Is it her infectious laugh? Is it her welcoming charm that makes every meal feel as if you are sitting at an outdoor cafe in Madrid? Is it her instinct to know just the right time to call when you are feeling lonely? What gifts of love has your mom passed on to you? Those gifts are in your heart and it is your responsibility to pass them on to others.

This is the first Mother’s Day without my mom, and I miss her smiling face. I’m crying as I write this, but really these are tears of happiness. To know someone loved me as unconditionally as she did is a gift. If she were here today, I’d hug her and tell her how much I appreciated her. Then we would laugh and joke about our greenhouse days and wonder how we survived the little old ladies who wanted one tomato plant, the man who was buying ferns for every mother he knew and of course, John and his 10-speed.

Instead, I bought a dozen pink roses and drove to the cemetery just a few miles away from Oberlin Avenue. I stood by her grave, next to grass that hasn’t completely grown in, and thanked my mom for the beautiful garden she planted in my heart.


  1. Thank you Di. You are strong, amazing and the biggest Michael Jackson fan I know! Ha. Seriously, you are right – our moms taught us well. We are lucky! 🌺💐🌈☀️


  2. Wow – you still have that goose? I have one too. You reminded me – I need to get mine out and put it up. Thanks Jerry. So nice of you to think of me. Hugs to you always! 😊


  3. Oh Carol, thank you for sharing. I hope you got through yesterday ok. Today is a new day right? We move on with the love our moms instilled in our hearts. We are really lucky to have such beautiful treasures so we can keep passing them on. Hugs to you Carol! 💐


  4. What a lovely tribute. T- you’re an amazing writer and a strong woman. Blessings are all around us and we see them because it was our mothers who taught us to see rainbows and flowers amidst the storms.

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  5. Theresa, so sorry for your loss. I still have the goose that your Mom painted “WELCOME”. Shannon got for me.

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  6. This was an absolute beautiful story , I enjoyed every word. I too lost my mom who was just not my mom but my best friend 5 yrs ago, I miss her so much I can’t explain, I am an only child and a piece of me died when she did. I too think of things she inspired in me, things that make me smile things that make me cry. Thank you

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